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Alison Cromie is a singer-songwriter from Farmington Mn who has dabbled in many music styles including Folk, Classical, and, more recently, Kids Music. She is a child at heart loves making kids laugh. Her songs are silly and sweet and are sure to make children (and their grownups), sing, dance, and laugh along.

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Now Available!

Alison's First Kids Album

Music for Everyone Under The Sun


On April 29th at the St. Paul Art Crawl. Alison released her first album of kids music. On this album you'll find songs that are downright silly to a sweet lullaby that would calm anyone. The CD is available for purchase in person at shows, or as a digital download from any of your favorite streaming sites.


Purchase Now:



I Love Ice Cream Music Video

It's here! The new I Love Ice Cream music video! I Love Ice Cream is one of my favorite songs. I mean, how couldn't it be, I really do love ice cream! We had a blast filming at our local Small Cakes location in Apple Valley, and owe them a...

Captain Crayon Music Video

It's here! My very first music video! Check out the new music video for Captain Crayon Man. Dance along with Captain Crayon Man as he saves a frog, puts out a fire, and more! Your kids will love this visual take on my song. Don't forget to...

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