I was invited to perform on the WCCO Mid-Morning show a few weeks ago! Watch the segment and then go pick up a copy of my album, Music for Everyone Under The Sun.



Heather Brown: Singing since she was 15 years old Alison Cromie released recently her debut album.

Jason DeRusha:  And Alison is joining us now. We just heard a little sample of it. Really fun. Really fun. Tell us kind of what got you going? To sing to kids?

Alison Cromie: Yes. So, I have been, my whole family has been very musical my entire life and I started writing music a couple of years ago and someone had kind of challenged me to write to kids and it was something I had been thinking about for a while. So, one day I sat down, I said, “Ok, I am going to do this, I am finally going to sit down and write something.” I had something written, I literally had it in my head on the way to work one day and I sang it to my kids in the car on the way home after I picked them up from school and they were just laughing so hard they made me play it over and over.

Heather Brown: Now what was the name of this song?

Alison Cromie: It was called, “Don’t Put your Fingers in your Nose.”

Heather Brown: Ok, that’s what I thought.

Jason DeRusha: Which is good advice. That’s good life advice.

Heather Brown: So, you’re a mom to a 4-year old and 7-year old boy. I imagine they offer you all kinds of inspiration.

Alison Cromie: Oh yes, oh yes.

Jason DeRusha: I mean at this point do they want most of the songs to be about farting? I feel like they’re at that age.

Alison Cromie: Yes. That is the age they are at.

Jason DeRusha: I am also a father of two boys. I am familiar with the genre of comedy. Children’s music is tricky.

Alison Cromie: Yes

Jason DeRusha: Because you want the kids to enjoy it but usually mom or dad also has to listen to it. Right. So, you don’t want like, you don’t want to be Raffi.

Alison Cromie: Right. Right. I like to write my music from the perspective of the children. And so, while a lot of people say my songs get stuck in their head over and over again, the kids really enjoy it. I love making kids laugh. It’s probably one of my favorite parts of this.

Jason DeRusha: Child laughter there’s something. You feel like you really hit it when you get your kids to crack up.

Heather Brown: So, Alison, you have the new CD here. We can show it right here on Camera 3. Tell us how can people hear you if they want to know more about your music?

Alison Cromie: Yes, so you can go to my website, alisoncromie.com, and from there my music is actually out on any place you can buy digital streaming music.

Heather Brown: Oh cool. Do you do parties?

Alison Cromie: I do, I do. I am starting to do some birthday parties and I do some face painting as well, so I try to tie it into the music. And I am also going to be at the Ukulele fest in October and I was just at the Dakota County Fair this week, so we missed that.

Heather Brown: And I’ll bet the kids love that thing, getting their hands on it.

Alison Cromie: Oh, they do. My youngest especially. He is like, “Can we go up to the music room and play?”

Jason DeRusha: Perfect. Well Alison we will hear another song from you just after Matt gives us an update on the weather.

Heather Brown: Well thanks Matt. We have Alison Cromie’s CD, it’s called, “Music for Everyone Under the Sun,” and here she is with another song called “LaLa the Dinosaur.”


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