A little over a week ago I took out my old book of poetry from when I was a teen and started paging through, looking to see if there was anything in there that would be worth trying to turn into a song. Well, it turns out I was pretty depressed as a teen and most of it was complete garbage. Except one. My favorite one.

I took my poem, “A Storm of Whispers” and turned it into a song. The poem got re-written quite a bit for it, and really is only just the inspiration for the end product. I titled it “I Will Fly”.

Here are the lyrics:

A storm is rising over the hills

I feel the wind and I hear the rain

It surrounds me and makes me think of you

and takes away my pain


My soul longs to fly and soar with the wind

to return to the things I’ve lost

The memory burns, the fire returns

and it all comes with a cost



And I will fly. Fly.

I will fly. Fly back home to you.


The rain is falling over me now

It hides the tears running down my face

The wind blows near and settles my fears

it fills that empty space


It won’t be long before I’m traveling home

And back to the life I miss

A lifelong love from the heavens above

A tenderhearted kiss



And I will fly. Fly.

I will fly. Fly back home to you.

The night I wrote it, I recorded the following video:

Then, I recorded it with my new TC-Helicon Play Electric, but I had just gotten the thing and was stuck on Electric Guitar:

[soundcloud_ultimate track=https://soundcloud.com/alison-cromie/i-will-fly]

Then, we started re-recording it during my guitar lessons. We’re not done yet, but here is a teaser:

[soundcloud_ultimate track=https://soundcloud.com/alison-cromie/i-will-fly-demo-teaser]

And here is the full version. We’re still adding to this, but it’s a much better completed version that the previous ones. Enjoy!

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